Brief History


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In 1995, the seed of an Islamic school was planted in the hearts of a few brothers by Allah (SWT) and after thorough research and registration, the school opened its doors in 1996 with 55 pupils and 4 staff members. Grade 1, 2 and 3 was available at this stage.

1998 saw the establishment of the High school from a rented premises with a pupil enrolment of 27 and a staff complement of 4. Only grade 8 was offered.

The Primary school completed its building project in 1999 catering for 284 learners.

2000 became an important year for the school as the primary school became fully-fledged and the high school commenced its building project.

Nasruddin Islamic school achieved complete primary & secondary schooling, offering instruction from grade R till grade 12 in the year 2002.