Bursary Scheme

In the Eastern Cape 70% of the people live below the breadline and the province has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. This has caused many people to become unable to afford the cost of education. The bursary fund is thus aiming to assist needy learners in this regard. It affords our children the benefit of good quality schooling creating a brighter future for our youth.

Although the fund is open to all deserving learners, we give preference to learners from previously disadvantaged communities. Applicants also need to comply to certain minimum academic and Islamic standards as well as have good character and excellent behaviour.

Alhamdulillah, the bursary fund has proven to be fruitful as many of our learners who have been bursary recipients have pursued careers in diverse fields. We hope that these learners will become outstanding leaders and exemplary pillars of our society, In Shaa Allah.

Currently we have 474 learners enrolled at both our primary and high school of which 73 are fully/partially subsidized, that is 15.4 % of our total enrolment that is on bursary scheme (i.e. zakaah cases).  The total amount of bursaries granted  in 2017 amounts to R 963 410.00.

The zakaah funds that are collected by Nasruddin Islamic School are used strictly for zakaah deserving cases only, which is done under the supervision of the Shura and the Mashura of Ulema.

You may also adopt/sponsor a learner.  There are learners who are very capable but do not have the financial capacity who need your sponsorship.

Feed a Child Programme

In addition, Nasruddin also runs a feeding scheme for needy learners. You can aid a child in attaining Islamic education. This will benefit not only him/her and yourself, but also the community and the Ummah at large. We strive to provide a daily lunch pack to our vulnerable learners who are struck by poverty. You can assist by donating your zakaah to this cause.

Give your Zakaah in the following ways:

  • R15 A DAY : provides a hungry learner with a daily lunch pack
  • R75 A WEEK : provides a hungry learner with lunch packs for a week
  • R300 A MONTH : provides a hungry learner with lunch packs for a month
  • R2700 A SCHOOL YEAR : provides a hungry learner with lunch packs for a year

Take this opportunity and build your abode in the aakhirah.