Annual Events


Beach Walk-A-Thon

Our first fundraising event for the year is held at Schoenmakerskop whilst the summer weather is still warming our beautiful Sunshine Coast. This family fun day commences with a brisk walk for those who want to get a bit of exercise or a gentle stroll for those who want to take time out to chat with family and friends. The day is filled with various activities for all the learners as well as parents to participate in, ensuring that everyone enjoys themselves. Plenty of food and refreshments stalls are run by our faithful PTA. This event is the ideal weekend break and is a fun way for all our Nasruddin Family members to get to know one another and raise some funds for a worthy cause.

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Athletics Day

In Term 1 learners get placed in 1 of 3 houses: Hawks, Eagles or Falcons. On the day of the event they don their house colours (red,  blue or yellow) and meet at the Gelvandale Sports Stadium where they compete for the top position in a variety of field and track events. Every learners participates from our littlest Nasrudineez to the Senior Phase. Parents, grandparents, family and neighbours all join us at the stadium to cheer our learners on. Plenty of food is on sale at a tuckshop run by our PTA and entry to the stadium is free. Security is provided by Sekanjalo and our staff together with willing parents keep record and help out on the field. It is held during school hours and is the ideal event for bolstering school spirit!

ISlamia Quiz

Open Day and Islamia Quiz

In Term 2 we have our Open Day which is combined with our Islamia Quiz. Everyone (especially community members who are thinking of joining the Nasruddin Family) is invited to view our school and see first hand what we have to offer in terms of academic, outreach and extra-mural activities. Teachers are on hand to answer any questions parents may have and our stakeholders display their products so that parents can see exactly what they offer. The Islamia Quiz has become an exciting feature of this event. Learners are placed in teams and battle it out to see who knows their Islamia curriculum best.  Light snacks and refreshments is usually sold by our supportive PTA.


Spring Walk and Entrepreneurial Day

At the start of spring in Term 4 we host our BIG walk in the surrounding neighbourhood. After the walk the Grade 7 learners hone in on their business management skills by selling a variety of goods and services. The PTA also joins us to sell food and many parents take advantage of this opportunity to buy their family’s evening supper. This event is fun and light-hearted and is an excellent way of training our learners to be pro-active and creative.

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Helen O’ Grady Drama Evening and End of Year Production

In Term 4 our learners that participate in the Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy at school have 2 events in the year when they showcase their talents and also receive certificates and medals. It is amazing to see how our learners progress into well-spoken and confident individuals, Maasha-Allah.

Pre-Schoolers performing at our Annual Jalsa.


Our Pre-School and Grade R learners entertain us with delightful nursery rhymes, short plays and an array of kalimahs, ahadith and short surahs that they have learned throughout the year. It is incredible to see our little Nasrudeeniz perform with such confidence in front of an audience. Definitely one of the cutest and most fun events on our calendar.


Awards Ceremony

In the final term learners are awarded for all their efforts throughout the year. Diplomas, trophies and medals are handed out to deserving learners who have put in the effort and hard work during the course of the year. Everyone looks forward to this event as it marks the end of the school year and learners can now start utilizing their free time to do their hobbies instead of having study.