At the Primary School campus we share our premises with the Muslim Movement Hall. This allows us to have use of the hall as well as extended playground area. We currently have 11 classrooms in use (from Grade 0 – 7) as well as 2 Islamiya classrooms which are also used for girl’s salaah.

Specialist areas:

  • A fully equipped Computer Lab for Computer Studies.
  • The Muslim Movement HallĀ (which is equipped with our school’s projector) is used for assemblies, Neuronet, Helen O’ Grady Speech and Drama, Physical Education Training and a variety of sports codes when the weather is notĀ favourable.
  • The Jungle Gym is designed to improve Gross Motor Development and is only used by our Grade 0 and R classes.
  • We make use of Tommy’s Swimming School’s indoor swimming pool for our Grade 1 – 7 swimming lessons.
  • Other facilities include a female staff room, male staff room, Salaah area, Wudhu area and an independently run tuckshop.
  • Administrative offices include offices for the Mudir (Principal), Secretary, Bursar, Office Assistant and 2 H.O.D. offices, as well as a Copy Room.
  • During intervals our Foundation Phase learners and the Intermediate Phase girls utilise the playground area at the back of the school as well as the car port. The Intermediate Phase boy learners use the open car park area.