Outreach Projects

  • Muharram Parcels – Groceries are collected by our learners. Food parcels are made up and are distributed to needy Muslims in the month of Muharram. We try to involve our learners as much as possible in the preparation as well as the distribution of the parcels.
  • Ramadhan Parcels – Before Ramadhan we collect groceries that are distributed to needy families as Ramadhan commences.
  • Tahara Parcels – Cleanliness is very important to a Muslim and we thus try to assist needy Muslim families with household detergents and personal hygiene products as these necessities are often overlooked.
  • Ramadhan Taleem Programme – During Ramadhan our female staff, moms and daughters have weekly taleem programmes (each year focusing on a different needy area) and incorporate handing out iftaar parcels in the community in which the taleem is held. We also give special Eid gifts to the ladies and girls that attend the taleem.
  • The Helpers Feeding Scheme – During Ramadhan, parents, teachers and learners assist with iftaar meal distribution (prepared by The Helpers) to needy fasting Muslims in allocated areas.
  • Operation Winter Warmth – Warm clothes and blankets are collected and distributed to needy persons as the bitter cold settles. Distribution areas include Gelvandale, Salt Lake, New Brighton, etc.
  • Sadaqa Collection – During Ramadhan and when there is a crisis due to a natural disaster or human devastation we collect sadaqa which is donated to organisations such as the Al Imdaad Foundation, Islamic Awareness Centre, Al Quds Foundation, Africa Muslim Agency, etc. These organisations then distribute the collected funds.