Principal’s Address

All praise is due to Allah and may His choicest salutations shower upon our Leader and Master Muhammad (SAW).

With the grace & mercy of Allah (S.W.T) Nasruddin Islamic School opened its doors from humble beginnings. Striving to instill in learners a consciousness of Allah as a source of intellectual, emotional, spiritual & physical growth. Alhamdoelillah with our Parents, Teachers and Shura’s commitment and shared vision Nasruddin has grown from being 2 Academic & 2 Islamic Teachers to 27 impressionable minds to a fully fledged Primary and High School. An excellent crop who will encourage higher academic endeavour and excellence.

We take heed of where we come from & where we need to go from here. Our niyyat is not to become complacent and to continuosly encourage our learner & ourselves to appreciate our responsibilities & to develop a desire to achieve the highest possible standards in all activities within the Islamic context Insha-Allah.

Lastly as a school we will strive to enjoin the right & forbid the wrong and we will try to be the BEST CHARACTER MENTORS for our learners Insha-Allah as the road on which we are travelling is headed towards its final destination which is Jannah Insha-Allah.

Mlm Nabeel Schmidt