Vision and Mission Statement



At Nasruddin we strive to please Allah by establishing His laws & the Sunnah of His Final Messenger, Muhammed (S.A.W): Remembering Allah while acquiring knowledge.



Nasruddin Islamic School is a school with an Islamic Ethos. Our main aim is to create ALLAH CONSCIOUSNESS.


Mission Statement

Instilling in learners a consciousness of Allah as a source of intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth, accepting the Holy Prophet (S.A.W) as the very embodiment of those qualities.

Being governed in all matters by Islamic faith and principles while at the same time respecting those of other faiths.

Guiding each of it’s learners to fulfill his/her potential and to develop life skills so as to equip him/her to meet the challenges of society.

Encouraging higher academic endeavor and pursuing excellence.

Challenging higher academic endeavor and pursuing excellence.

Challenging learners to appreciate their responsibilities, and develop a deep concern for their social and physical environment.

Offering an outreach programme to encourage sensitivity to the needs of others.

Inculcating a commitment and a desire to achieve the highest possible standards in all activities within the Islamic Context.

Recognizing the importance of the family and the home in promoting education by fostering a strong bond between home & school.

Participating in activities and programmes that improve the quality of life of the wider community.